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new look. slightly more breathing room on the text area for easier reading. also many more behind the scenes changes/upgrades pending. and, yes, while the writing is a few months behind. i have a bundle of offline writings that will magically appear over the course of the next month. . . . enjoy. . . 03Aug03::

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i know, i know, i'm trying, and i'm working on that too . . . 5 Dec. 02::

Welcome to the NEW LOOK of Spirit v FLESH. This journal began a few years back with the hopes that a disciplined writing routine would free up my mind and lead me to the path of write-iousness.

Anyway, i have a sense of humor and a lot on my mind. So i write things down and see what happens to them. One thing that i've learned is that keeping a journal is only disciplined writing if i keep it diligently, that is every day as i have promised myself. As you read through the entries, you will notice that i don't keep this journal every day.

That is one example of the war that rages within the walls of my framework. For others, read on. A good starting point is today a.k.a. the latest entry. The archive is full of my past entries. My plate shares lists some of the various goals i hope to attain in the near future. And links are, well, links. enjoy.